Studdiford Technical Solutions, LLC


  1. Thank you for your significant contribution to the Airport Consultants Council (ACC) while serving as Chair of the Security Committee.
    David Peshkin Board of Directors Chairman, ACC, 2014
  2. On behalf of ACC, I would like to acknowledge the leadership provided by Larry Studdiford in helping to make the 2014 ACC/TSA Security Capabilities Day and Technical Workshops a tremendous success last month…ACC appreciates Larry’s leadership, time and expertise to support ACC committees, events and members.
    T.J. Schultz President, ACC, 2014
  3. For your dedicated efforts and contributions in support of the Electronic Baggage Screening Program (EBSP), it is with great pleasure that I recognize the commitment and enthusiasm you exhibit every day. Your vision and focus are what makes EBSP a model for the Transportation Security Agency and ensure its continued success now and in the future.
    Jenel Cline EBSP Program Manager, TSA, 2010
  4. In recognition of the exemplary support you gave to the EDS/ETD Airport Security Program, your dedication, expertise and professionalism reflect great credit upon you, the Transportation Security Administration and Boeing-Siemens. Due in part to your individual effort, we have achieved a major milestone in securing America’s Airports. You’ve shown that excellence is not a single act, but a habit.
    Adm. James M. Loy Under Secretary for Security, TSA, 2002